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Friday, November 3
Series 1

10: 00 a.m. – CCC Classroom

Lightroom Techniques & My Work Flow
Austin Pekarek         Delkin

As one of the Mid-Missouri’s most talented young photographers, Austin has a great eye for photography; his portraits are warm and inviting.  Listen to Austin as he explains to you how he makes Lightroom work for him and how he manages his images.


10:15am – Outside A

Aperture – Shooting Moving Subjects
Scott Rovak               CCC

In this hands-on class, you will learn how to choose your ISO, shutter speed, and aperture to get great photos of moving subjects.  A model will be photographed in active situations, learn how to freeze motion and isolate your subject from the background.


10:30am – Outside B

Natural Light Photography w/ Reflectors
Trent & Laura            CCC

Join Trent and Laura as they demo several different reflectors and other items using only the sun.  Learn how to easily  you can control the sun’s light for perfection in your shots.


10:45am – Classroom 115

Working With Models
Preston Page            Savage

A lecture about working with models, personalities, and fashion.  Learn how Preston gets his subjects to look great and move naturally.



Series 2


12:30pm – CCC Classroom

Making Money with Mirrorless Cameras
Laura Hicks               Olympus

In this class, Laura will discuss how she made the switch to Mirrorless. Laura will talk about what made her ditch DSLR for a lighter, faster, more enjoyable camera system. Learn how to make money while having fun with your gear.


12:45pm – Outside A

Photographing Active Kids 
Charles Garcia          Olympus

Watch Charles as he shows you the tips and techniques for shooting his favorite sport of skateboarding.  Not only is he a photographer, he loves the sport.  His passion will show you the best angles and ways to get incredible shots of your kids. These techniques work with any sport.


1:00pm – Classroom 115

Photographing The Face 
Matt Meiers              Nikon

Watch Matt work with a model as he creates one of a kind dramatic images using single and multiple studio lights. His work will astound you. A must for portrait photographers.


1:15pm – Classroom 115

Landscape Photography for Business
Ben Grunow             Panasonic

Watch and learn as Ben shows you how to pick the best location for shooting buildings for a brochure.  This type of photography can be very lucrative and fun.  Ben will discuss and show focusing and composition and techniques for getting sharp detailed, beautiful images.



Series 3


3:00pm – CCC Classroom

Models & Movement – In Studio Techniques
Preston Page            Savage

Learn Preston’s techniques – in studio – using constant lights/LEDs and studio lights for that perfect model shot. Working with models made easier.


3:15pm – Outside A

Using Rapid Box for Perfect Portraits
Tom Tussey               CCC

Rapid boxes are the most portable and easy to use light modifier. Be mobile and learn! Watch Tom show you the techniques for easy lighting.


3:30pm – Classroom 115

Working with Models & Clients
Matt Meiers               Nikon

Watch from start to finish as Matt begins a photo session with a model.  Making them feel comfortable before and during the shoot is his specialty.  This can help assure the client loves the final presented work.


3:45pm – Outside B 

Make Light & Background Work For You
Austin Pekarek           Delkin

Join Austin in this informative and hand on workshop as he looks for the best site for shooting with the best light available.  Choosing a location is crucial for the finest images but sometimes your surroundings are not ideal!


4:15pm – CCC Classroom

Creating Cinematic Videos
Logan Armstrong       CCC

Logan is a videographer from St. Louis, MO. In this class he will talk about 6 key things that you can do to make your videos become more cinematic. These key tips will help excel your career like they have Logan’s. Storytelling is king when it comes to videos. He will show you how to create a story and utilize your current camera equipment.


4:45pm – Classroom 115

Action Sports Photography
Liam Doran      Sigma 

Join Sigma Pro, Liam Doran, as he discusses the art and business of action sports photography. See which lenses he never leaves home without and what gear he considers essential.



6:00pm – Classroom 115

An Intro to Night Sky Photography
Ben Grunow       Panasonic

Have you ever wanted to learn how to photograph the night sky? Capturing the night sky is challenging and rewarding, all at the same time. We will go over the needed equipment, settings, useful tips, tricks and much more to get started into the vast world of dark sky captures. Please join us in a beginner’s class on how to capture stunning nightscapes and stars.


6:15pm – CCC Classroom

Engagement Portraits in Studio
Laura Hicks          Olympus

Laura Hicks demonstrates posing and lighting techniques. We are moving into the winter months – learn how to make money satisfying customers with in-studio images for their engagement photos.


6:30pm – Outside A 

On Location with Portable LED Lights
Scott Rovak                   CCC

Many locations do not have AC power and running cords are not safe.  Learn about the newest portable LED lights and watch Scott shoot dramatic images using these new types of portable/rechargeable lights.


6:45pm – Outside B

Using Speedlights to ‘Make’ Light
Tom Tussey                   CCC

Learn how to shoot using on and off camera speedlights for that perfect portrait.  Fill the face with the on camera flash and use a second and third to make your image show depth and creativity.


7:00pm – Front Doors

Live Time/Live Composition – Cars & Sky
Charles Garcia        Olympus

Get the most dramatic images using Live Time & Live Composition on your Olympus Camera.



Series 1


9:00 am – CCC Classroom

Fashion – My Work Over The Years
Preston Page              Savage

See the imaginative images of Preston Page’s work showcasing many models over the past several decades.  He has an eye for the creative and you will be amazed.


9:15 am – Outside A

Using The Morning Light
Laura Hicks          Delkin

Witness hands-on shooting as Austin demonstrates how he uses the morning light and dew to perfectly accent his subjects. This is essential for the beginning or intermediate photographer wanting to expand their vision.


9:30 am – Outside

Landscape Photography for Business
Ben Grunow       Panasonic

Watch and learn as Ben shows you how to pick out the best location for shooting buildings for a brochure.  This type of photography can be very lucrative and fun.  Ben will discuss and show focusing and composition and techniques for getting sharp, detailed and beautiful images.


9:45 am – Classroom 115

Business Portraits – On Site Studio
Tom Tussey                   CCC

Be mobile! Tom will set up a lights, pose his subject, and finish the shoot in under 50 minutes.



Series 2


10:15 am – CCC Classroom

Maximize your Brand
Izzy Polanco                    CCC

YouTube Vlogging, Running Facebook Groups Tied to Instagram to Connect with your Audience & Maximize your Brand

Izzy will pull from her experience as a vlogger to show you how you can utilize these channels to build your brand, draw and create a loyal following.  In the visual industry we live in and aspire toward – with all these user-friendly cameras at our disposal, it’s critical to use video and video centric social channels for follower acquisition, retention and conversion.  You don’t have to be a professional photographer or videographer to showcase spectacular images to push your brand to the next level and monetize your efforts!  Watch how Izzy does it …


11:30 am – Outside A

Portraits in Shade – Using Constant Light/LEDs
Preston Page             Savage

Natural light is not always in your favor. Learn as Preston transforms shade into light using Constant LED lights for fills and highlights.


11:45 am – Classroom 115

Motorsports Photography
Stephen Weiss                CCC

Images, settings, equipment – AND BEING MOBILE!  Shooting NHRA, NASCAR and INDYCAR.


12:00 pm – Outside B

Shooting Moving Subjects
Scott Rovak                   CCC

Learn how to use Aperture and work with depth of field – Join Scott as he teaches you how to use your Aperture to control focus and using depth of field to make sure the subject is the center of attention. This is perfect for the beginning DSLR photographer.  Learn the proper technique for getting great bokeh. (Bokeh: the soft out-of-focus background)


12:15 pm – CCC Classroom

My Work & The Art of Photography
Matt Meiers               Nikon

A lecture showing Matt’s work over the years including fitness, bodyscape and portraits.


12:30 pm – Outside A

Senior Photo Session
Laura Hicks            Delkin

Watch and learn from this young master of portraiture.  Austin knows just how to get the most unbelievable Senior Portraits. He understands how to capture the individual personalities in his work. He has worked with hundreds of students over the past few years.  See why he is one of Southern Missouri’s finest photographers.


1:00 pm – Outside B

What lens should I use? 
Liam Doran           Sigma 

This outdoor demo will feature various lenses, teaching you how to capture the action with natural light and off camera flash. If you enjoy taking action shots, you will want to know what lens the pro shoots with and why.



Series 3


1:30 pm – CCC Classroom

Shooting Moving Subjects
Scott Rovak                   CCC

Are your kids participating in sports? Do you want to shoot baseball, soccer or any fast moving subject? Join Scott as he teaches you how to use your DSLR to stop the action or actually blur the shot using your camera’s shutter. You will come away with a better understanding of the techniques required to capture action in motion.


1:45 pm – Classroom 115

Time Lapse
Ben Grunow       Panasonic

Listen to Ben as he shows his works and introduces you to the art of time-lapse photography.


2:00 pm – Outside A

Lifestyle Portraits
Laura Hicks        Panasonic

Posing, lighting and techniques will be demonstrated by Laura for getting the newest looks for “life style” images.


2:15 pm – Outside B

Using Speedlights/Flashes Outside
Bruce Michelsen          Nissin

Why shoot outside in broad daylight with speedlights? The challenge in taking outdoor portraits is that often times the sunlight is harsh and may not come from the direction you desire, creating shadows on the subject’s face. Learn how to conquer this issue.



Series 4


3:00 pm – CCC Classroom

Photographing The Face
Matt Meiers               Nikon

See Matt work with a single model as he creates one-of-a-kind dramatic images using single and multiple studio lights.


3:15 pm – Outside A

Family Portraits & Posing
Tom Tussey                   CCC

Watch and learn from a 40-year veteran of portrait photography. Watch Tom as he poses the group, using existing light and adds his own light to make family portraits extraordinary.  A ‘must’ for any aspiring portrait photographer.


3:30 pm – Outside B

Engagement Portrait Shoot
Laura Hicks          Olympus

Laura Hicks demonstrates posing and lighting techniques. We are moving into the winter months. Learn how to make money satisfying customers with in-studio images for their engagement photos.


3:45 pm – Classroom 115

4K Photo For Parents
Jack Salamanchuck            Panasonic

The newest technology is 4k/6k photo – What is it and how can it help you capture your child’s sports images.? Get the best images using Panasonic that will rival a professional’s shots.


4:15 pm – CCC Classroom

Instagram For Your Business
Alexandria McFadden                   CCC

Alex will cover ways you can utilize Instagram for your photography business. She will share some of her experiences and successes. If you are looking to increase your awareness on IG, this class is for you.