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At Creve Coeur Camera, we’ve been sharing our passion for photography for over 40 years. In 2005, we founded our “School of Imaging”. Since then, we’ve taught thousands of our customers about their cameras, about lighting, about photo software, really about everything photography. We’ve been on dozens of field trips, all over the metro area in and around STL. We’ve even taken our customers on several photo trips as near as Illinois’ “Garden of the Gods”, to as far as Iceland. Photography is… in our DNA!

We offer basic classes for beginners. We have classes to improve techniques specific to camera brands and models. We have classes that cover the basic principles of photography: focus, controlling exposure, depth of field, aperture, and more. When you purchase a new camera, we invite you to attend one of our basic classes for free!  After you tackle the basics, we also offer classes to help you understand lighting, photo editing, landscape, portrait photography, and so much more, at the beginner AND advanced levels.

Our instructors have years of experience teaching our students outside of the classroom too! If you’ve never joined us on a rooftop shoot, or in a tattoo parlor, or just tooling around the museums and green spaces the Metro areas of STL, then you’ve missed some great, informative, fun experiences! We always have a blast with our customers, and they always get some great shots of whatever we’re doing.

Do you like to travel? Then join Creve Coeur Camera on the trip of a lifetime! We’ve traveled to Memphis, Chicago, New Orleans, Cuba, New York, Monument Valley, Alaska, Costa Rica, and even Iceland. Our next trip is to the beautiful Cancun, Mexico in July 2019 and visiting Cuba again in October 2019; we can’t wait! Check our social media pages for pictures and videos of our travels! We’d love to have you join us.

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