Needing a new lens?

Canon’s 24mm f2.8 lens:

An Important Part of Every Landscape Photographer’s Bag


After the kit lenses and the Nifty-Fifty, every budding photographer should find which aspect of photography interests them most. Landscapes, portraits, weddings, and sports are just a few of the many aspects of photography; and after picking one up you should focus your lens purchase on that particular type of photography. Today we are going to talk about one lens in particular that all Canon Landscape photographers should have in their camera bag. Canon’s 24mm f2.8 is a DSLR lens that is relatively inexpensive, while providing a wide clean picture.

Canon began talking about this prime lens on September 15, 2014 and touted it as an extremely thin and light lens. It is a very cool pancake lens providing a wide-angle with its 125 grams of weight and 23 cm in length. It packs quite a punch for something so small and some may wonder if you even have a lens on your camera at all.

While the construction is all plastic, and the focusing ring is very narrow (as expected), it has ridges along a rubber grip band that does a great job helping your fingers manipulate the camera. A focus mode switch AF/MF adorns the side. So after purchasing your 52mm uv filter for your new 24mm lens, spend some time creating a new portfolio full of scenic pictures.

This lens is an excellent replacement for the 18-55mm zoom. It is lighter, smaller, and faster in dim light situations. The lens will make your viewfinder brighter, your camera tinier, and your performance better.

The Canon 24 f2.8 STM uses an autofocus motor called a stepper motor (STM) for quieter autofocus and is excellent for shooting video. I could only hear a slight humming sound when it focused and did not pick up this sound when filming. There is also an immediate manual focus ring override for those looking for more control.

For 149.99, this is a lens with which you can’t go wrong.

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