Is your computer calibrated?

So you just spent hours editing your photos and waited a day to get all your prints back but they don’t look right. What went wrong? The photos you took all look great on your screen but they don’t look the same when you see them printed or on any other screen. How can you fix this problem you may ask, Simple you can calibrate your computer monitors.

Monitor calibration is a widely overlooked process that can help you get the best results out of your photographs. When editing photos you have to be able to rely on your screen to be correct and show the colors it should. Through calibrating your monitor with programs like Colormunki, you can guarantee that your monitor will be correct.

simulated Before & After calibration

The process of calibrating your monitors is very simple. After purchasing your copy of Colormunki, that is available at Creve Coeur Camera, you simply install the program on the computer you are looking to calibrate. The program works along with a tool you receive that you connect to your monitor. After installing the program you are directed through a few steps and in minutes you have a calibrated monitor.

Once you have calibrated your monitor, you can go back to editing your photos with confidence that they will turn out exactly how you want them to!

-David Flotte, St. Charles, MO Store