Is my camera phone enough?

We know we just recently featured a blog on this topic at the beginning of November, but it’s a question we hear so often! So Katelyn gives you her views on why you need the REAL camera! 

Camera vs Phone

The number one question I get when people hear that I work at Creve Coeur Camera is, “What’s the point of having a camera when you can just use your phone?” I, too, am guilty of using my phone rather than my camera out of sheer convenience and I will tell you, I’m always disappointed in my phone photos in comparison to my camera photos.

One argument I always hear is that phones now have x-number of megapixels in them so the resolution is just as good. That is not always true. The amount of megapixels in a camera is now based on if you can blow up an image or crop it in tighter, not necessarily how better the image can be. The resolution of a camera is based on sensor size. The larger the sensor, the more detailed, true to color and better in low light your images will be. Basic point and shoot cameras have a sensor the size of about your pinky fingernail, while phones are even half of that size. Professional point and shoots, mirror-less cameras, and DSLR’s have even larger sensors, therefore you’re going to see sharper, clearer, and less grainy images.

The file sizes on phone photos are also small to allow lots of photos be stored on your phone. It allows for fast sharing between texting, emailing, uploading, etc. Trying to print these images can be difficult, especially if you are trying to enlarge them. The larger you go on these small files, the more pixelated your images can look and there are so many cool things that you can do with photos now to display them, like metal prints or canvas wraps. Usually the maximum size print you can get from a phone photo is a 5×7.

Although, I will be the first to admit that phones are very convenient when sharing your photos online. I can take a photo and immediately upload it to Instagram, Facebook, or even text it to anyone I want. Camera companies saw this and decided that there was a need for an easier way for people to share their camera images. In recent models, cameras are made with wi-fi capabilities or have their own “hot spot” so you can sync a mobile device or tablet and upload your images directly to an app and in turn, share the images wherever you want. You can also use your device as a remote for your camera which is a pretty cool feature with the app.

Overall, I believe there are still people who would rather use their phones for photos and don’t see the value in buying a camera. I believe there are also people who are noticing that their phones are not getting the images that they want and the amount of these people is on the rise. There will always be cameras out there that are going to perform better than phones from basic point and shoot cameras to high-end DSLR’s. I advise you to come to any Creve Coeur Camera and see for yourself!

– Katelyn Jennings, Edwardsville, IL Store Manager