How does your camera handle the light?

Myth Busted

“I can’t go out and shoot today. There isn’t enough good light.”

I am here to say that this just isn’t true! If there is light, you can capture a photo. You just need to understand how your camera handles light. One is not limited to perfect sun or the golden hour to take an interesting photo. Weather conditions do not need to be perfect either. Sometimes, scenes can look completely different without the sunlight touching them, making it a different photo than the one with the sun glistening over.

The way the light is touching the subject can change the mood or feel of a photo. Your exposure does not need to be perfect every time, the light meter only tells one story. Let the light tell the story of the photo. The best way to achieve the goal is to learn your camera and how it handles the light that it sees. An overcast day is great for shooting! The cloud coverage acts as a natural diffuser for the sun. This is my favorite time to take portraits. Once you understand your camera and how it reads light, you can create amazing images no matter the lighting situation.

If you need help learning your camera, Creve Coeur Camera has a variety of classes to offer starting with the basics ranging to specialty classes as well as numerous photo walks. Visit any one of our locations to find out more.

Sarah Heepke-Assistant Manager, O’Fallon, IL