How Do Lens Filters Impact My Image?

There are many types of lens filters to use when shooting digital photography. Today we’ll cover uses for three of the most popular types of filters: UV, Circular Polarizers, and ND Filters.

A good UV filter is completely clear, and will not affect your image quality. This filter is good for preventing scratches and some impact damage to the front element of the lens. Additionally, these filters keep your lens safe from dust, grit, residue, and other factors than can degrade the glass coating. (You can read more about UV Filters here)

Circular Polarizers are useful because they ignore certain wavelengths of light. A polarizer can be used to manage reflections; making them particularly popular for architecture and landscape photography, particularly for anyone trying to capture images of bodies of water. One of the best features of a circular polarizer is the ability to bring out the color and contrast in the sky while retaining the desired exposure on your subject. This filter is an easy tool for getting the vibrant sky you want in camera.

ND or neutral density filters are essentially sunglasses for your lens. This filter is set to block out a given measurement of light in stops, effectively darkening the image. These are necessary for long exposure, and for shooting video because you cannot simply increase your shutter speed for the exposure you want.

Try out these different types of filters on your favorite lenses, they can be a very small investment with a large impact on your images. We have a variety of filters to choose from at every Creve Coeur Camera location. Stop in today!

-Aaron Basham, Creve Coeur Camera Superstore