How can I improve my photography?

A photo a day?

A question among all photographers is how can I improve my photos? There are many things you can do to actively work towards improving your photography. One of the simplest ways to make progress in your skills is to set a photo goal. There are many types of strategies from shooting and posting a photo every day, challenging yourself with alternative techniques, or even setting themes for certain weeks or months.

I personally have a goal of capturing and posting my work to social media every day. I have seen great improvement in my work, and being disciplined helps me keep shooting. Like the old saying, “practice makes perfect” and having a goal forces you to practice.

To get the most out of your new venture you have to do two things. First, you have to hold yourself accountable to and stick to it! Make up a reward to keep going. Second, you need critically and honestly analyze your photography. Make sure you cover technical and communicative aspects. What do you want your photography to say? What would you change on your photo? Doing these things you can learn from your missteps and improve your photography by a great deal.

I feel setting a photography goal is a fun way to improve your work and is also a great excuse go out and play with your camera. So set a photo goal and go out and shoot today!

Feel free to tag us at #crevecoeurcamera if you start a photo goal and would like to share your progress.

-David Flotte – St. Charles Store

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