Have you joined us on a photo field trip?

Here’s a little bit of a glimpse into a Creve Coeur Camera Photo field trip?

I had the opportunity in June to go to the Third Degree Glass Factory with Creve Coeur Camera on a photo field trip, and I’m here to tell you that not only was it a good time with a really good subject to shoot but it was also informative. This was a two hour field trip, it started out with a quick fifteen to twenty minute instructional class before we went it to the furnace room to explain some techniques to take pictures in the tricky lighting conditions. We then went into the furnace room and while there wasn’t any more group instruction Stephen and Tom were constantly answering questions and suggesting new shots. The people at Third Degree were so accommodating to allow 20 people come in and be underfoot while they were working and putting on a class of their own. There was even one of their employees there with his son who were make glass eggs over and over giving us the opportunity to shoot the different stages of the process. I was able to capture pictures like these:

_IGP5282 _IGP5287 _IGP5295 _IGP5317


This is just one of many Field trips offered by Creve Coeur Camera. Keep an eye on our schedule for great trip to places like Gateway Motorsports Park, Creve Coeur Lake and New York City.

-Breck Markley, Assistant Manager at Springfield, IL store.