Fun with Photoshop! Not actually using a photo!

Just because Photoshop is designed for editing photos doesn’t mean it’s just for photos!

The following images are just the simple gradient shapes that have been warped.

All you have to do is start with a new image in Photoshop.


These instructions assume you know basic Photoshop.

ps fun 2

1. File/new make the image 1400×1200 pixels.

2. Add a rectangle the size of the image and fill with black

3. Duplicate the background and double click the background and select the style gradient layer.

4. Click on the gradient editor and choose your preset or make a new one. Change the type to noise

5. Change the angle to your own preference.

6. Flatten the Image and then select the whole thing

7. Go to Edit/Transform and then Warp.

8. Start warping – I usually shrink the view by hitting CTRL and Minus to see the canvas and so I can stretch the colors.

9. The select the entire image and cut it.

10. Open us a new file and make some type of “cool” background…a gradient b&w works great.

11. Paste your file on top and see what you get!

3ps fun 3