Do you use Instagram?

5 Ways to Utilize Instagram For Your Photography Business


1) Use professional photos

Using professional photos on your instagram is key to gaining new clients! When they see your professional photos on your Instagram then there is no question they will book you. Getting your images from your camera to your smart phone can be tricky but there are several apps that can help you such as: Dropbox, Flickr, Google Drive, or email. Save them to your phone gallery from these apps and then you’re good to start posting!



2) Hashtags

Hashtags are very import when trying to grow your reach on Instagram. When you hashtag an image, your image gets added to a feed on instagram that puts it in front of a bigger audience. When your image is exposed to a larger audience it gives you a better chance of gaining new followers and clients for your business. A good way to find out which hashtags to use is to look at your image and any distributive words you can think of for your image, that’s what you can hashtag. Instagram also gives you suggested hashtags and audience sizes you can use as well which is super helpful.


3) When to post

Instagram has a new feature called insights. This option is available if you have an Instagram business account. The insights feature shows you when your followers are most engaged with the images you post. This information is helpful when posting so you can utilize when the best time of day to post to engage with your audience. The more people that engage, the more likes and comments you will receive which also puts you at the top of your followers feed.

image3 (2)

4) Post consistently – Backlog

Instagram business also has a backlog feature. Here you can save your posts as a draft so you won’t have to take time out of your busy day to post to think about posting. All you have to do is take an hour or so out of your day to schedule out these posts, More time for shooting instead of sitting there trying to think of a good caption. You can schedule for the day, week or month if you’d like!


5) How to get discovered

Tagging a location will let clients know you’re in the area. This lets them know that you are near them and available for booking. You can also use local hashtags from your city and state that you live in. If I’m looking for a photographer in St. Louis here are some examples of hashtags I would search. Ex: #stlphotographer #stlweddingphotographer

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By: Alexandria McFadden