Do you remember your first SLR purchase?

Blog from July 7, 2017:

Today is a very special day. To some it is just another Friday. Today marks 40 years to the day that I bought my first SLR. I remember it because the date was 7/7/77. Believe it or not, that was before I worked here!

I walked in to Creve Coeur Camera, and told them I was looking for a Nikon camera. I had used one in high school and that was what I was familiar with. I told them that I wanted a Nikkormat with a 50 1.4 lens . They looked at me and saw a high school kid, and tried to persuade me to buy it with a 2.0 lens. I told them I really wanted a 1.4. They were afraid I couldn’t afford the combination. I had been saving all summer to get the camera the way I wanted it.(to be fair this combination in todays dollars would be about $1900). So went to the bank and withdrew the $450 dollars and came back and bought my beloved camera.

I still have and use that camera today.Over the years I have shot thousands of pictures . Memories. I’ve had it with me on my motorcycle, in my semi truck, camping. It is probably one of my most prized possessions .

Jay McCormick

P.S. my girlfriend(now my wife) still smiles for me when I take her picture and there have been thousands of those.Right Loren?