Do you have a warranty?

Why Your Next Camera Purchase

Should Include a Mack Warranty


A customer recently asked my why they needed to purchase a warranty for their new camera? “I take good care of my cameras”, she said. “I’ve never dropped one, and I have always been told that these warranties are not worth the money”. I informed her that I used to think the same thing. I’d stay away from them on certain electronics like T.V.s and DVD players. But there is a difference and I learned the hard way.

As a budding photographer and videographer, I’ve had the pleasure of shooting and filming many activities. And as careful as I am with the camera, I’ve still had mishaps. Usually, not when working, but when casually hanging out, relaxing, when I take my mind off the camera. While I have lost cameras, because of the nature of photography (motocross, drone, and action sports photography), I’ve dropped cameras when casually walking, left a camera on top of a car, and had tripods knocked over on more than one occasion.

All Mack Camera Warranties come with the two sensor cleanings ($80 Normal Price). Mack Camera and Video Service, Inc. provides a 3 year Mack Worldwide Extended Warranty. The warranty states that the service contract is guaranteed to operate according to manufacturer’s specifications for the length of the contract. Coverages include: Manufacturer Defects, Impact Damage, Sand/Grit Damage, Accidental Damage and Unintentional Abuse, Mechanical Malfunctions, Normal and Abnormal Wear and Tear. They also provide the ‘peace of mind’ that you are covered when the unexpected happens.

Mack Warranty Prices:

Cost of the Camera Length of Warranty Warranty Cost
Under $250 3 Years $49.99
Under $500 3 Years $79.99
Under $750 3 Years $129.99
Under $1000 3 Years $149.99
Under $1500 3 Years $199.99
Under $2000 3 Years $264.99
Under $3000 3 Years $359.99
Under $4000 3 Years $389.99


So, on on your next camera purchase, be sure to budget for the Mack Warranty. It is the extra protection that anyone who owns a camera needs.

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