August Customer Spotlight – Rodney Yoswig

Allow us to introduce you to our August Customer Spotlight: 

Rodney Yoswig 

Rodney is one of our great customers from the Springfield, IL location.

So… this begins in high school where I was offered a part time job as a photographer’s assistant with a local studio. I was kinda dropped into the role of backup photographer as I was handed a twin lens Rolleiflex at a football game and told to take pictures from the other end. I was told all I had to do was focus the camera. Hmm… guessing there is really nothing to this photography thing. So the adventure began, camera in hand, shooting school sporting events and proms for a couple years with the studio before moving on. I bought my first camera, a Yashica Mat twin-lens, in 1975. Later I moved on to an Olympus OM-1, a Canon AE-1, and then numerous Nikons. In the early 1990’s I bought my first Hasselblad, couple of lenses, 3 backs, and a Metz speedlight. I went to work shooting weddings for about 3 years but later decided too many of my weekends were lost to weddings. I sold off the Hasselblad equipment and bought another Nikon. I’ve been a hobbyist photographer ever since.

I currently shoot with both a Nikon D810 and Sony A7rii. I shoot proprietary lenses on both cameras and have no other brands of lenses. I like both systems however my preference is definitely shooting with the Sony Mirrorless.

My wife and I love to travel and I’m known for always dragging a camera along, so I would have to say I really enjoy nature shots, cityscapes, street photography and night photography. Occasionally I will do some studio and location portraits for friends by request.

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We are known to take spontaneous day or weekend trips. (My wife and I are walkers) We enjoy just roaming around through new cities looking for things of interest. I’m always finding something of interest to shoot; and if it’s night time I carry one camera, the Sony!

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From the first time I walked into the Creve Coeur Camera in Springfield, IL I was happy to see the selection of quality equipment in stock. I’ve since been a repeat customer and have always felt like a valued customer. Additionally, I have enjoyed classes offered on location and have participated in photo field trips offered by Creve Coeur Camera, which are always a great time and learning experience. I find it helps to do these shoots with others and gain insight into a new perspective as seen by another photographer.

Here are some other photos by Rodney:

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Bristol Renaissance Fair

Bristol Renaissance Fair

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