April Customer Spotlight – Marty McKay

Allow us to introduce you to our February Customer Spotlight: 

Marty McKay 

Marty is one of our great customers from the Creve Coeur Superstore.

After moving to our house on the bluffs in Alton I knew it was time to pickup my camera again. The sunsets were spectacular and I felt a need to share the beauty with others. Having just my Cannon AE1 film camera I decided that I needed to learn digital photography.

I began to browse Creve Coeur Camera to evaluate the choices available with digital cameras. I recently won a prize at a sporting clay event resulting in a $1000.00 windfall. I knew at the time a new digital camera was in my future. I started out with a Fuji Finepix 1000. I shot with this camera for almost a year. (Cameras, like boats and cars, causes one to immediately want the new and improved model) I then moved to a Nikon D5200. In fact, I bought two! One for landscapes, and one with a longer lens ready to go for any birds that may fly by. After that I decided I need to move up to a full frame camera, and purchased two Nikon D750’s within the last year.

As time has gone by I have added to my sunsets. I love taking images of the native birds, flowers and animals. If you pay attention to the dusty roads, the out of the way natural places right under our noses you can expect nature to wow you everytime. There is so much beautiful scenery in the Midwest that we take for granted. I stop on the way into work and the way home if given the opportunity. Instead of stopping to smell the roses I stop to take the photos.
As a child my parents would always point out the beauty in any area we were in. Whether we were looking up at the clouds making shapes or driving down The Great River Road or in the woods hunting mushrooms or ginseng . We always would “chase the light” with our eyes. My Dad was not a photographer but he would put his thumbs together and hold up his two pointer fingers and look through them and say “that would make a pretty picture” I believe this gesture helped me later to be a better photographer. My parents both enjoyed nature and it’s beauty.

Sharing the world through my eyes taking photographs of the beautiful scenery and the animals in the Heartland of America makes me happy. Chasing the light as I call it is one of my favorite pastimes.


I have accumulated many items over the last 4 years.  I purchase items as I sell photos and it helps to pay for my gear habit.

Camera Gear Head:
Cannon AE1 Film Camera, 28-300 Nikon lens,  Nikon F3 Film Camera, 150-500 Sigma lens,   2 Nikon D5200,  150-600 Sigma Sport Lens,  1 Fuji Finepix 1000,  50 mm F Mount Lens, 2 Nikon D750’s, Light ring, 3 Smaller Tripods, 2 Nikon Flashes, 1 large Tripod with Gimbal head, Studio lights and backgrounds, 10-20 wide angle Sigma Lens, remotes, 17-35 wide angle Nikon lens and a 18-250 Macro Sigma Lens.


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More Photos from Marty:

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