Commercial Shoot at ARTMART


This event will be an observation-only event. Stephen & Tom will explain as they set-up, shoot, and work within ArtMart’s location.


Product Description

Get ready for the first event of it’s kind at CCC. A new adventure in photography lessons.

Join Stephen and Tom as they conduct a professional COMMERCIAL photography shoot at St. Louis’ premier art store, ARTMART. Between both teachers they have over 50 years of commercial shooting experience.

Artmart has requested us to shoot several of their products, as well as custom framing and some “customer” shots for the fall season. Table top photography and staged customer segments will be shot during this 2+ hour LIVE commercial shoot.

This exclusive shoot is limited to 8 attendees. You will watch them from unpacking to setting up their lighting, staging, product placement and more.

This is an observation class only. They will explain to you the placement of the lights, camera and products. Plus, you will be part of their customer session when they position the model in the most advantageous positions to show the store and her excitement.

If you are interested in commercial work this observation class is for you.

October 2nd starting at 2:30 p.m.
Artmart – Hanley Road

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